Stress relief

1 in 4 people in Britain are affected by mental health conditions like anxiety, depression and stress every year. Our stress relief workshops are designed to educate employees about stress, how to spot the signs of stress, and provide practical stress management tools and techniques.

Relieving stress & anxiety

This workshop includes:

  • An interactive session helping employees to consider their causes, symptoms and triggers of stress and anxiety
  • Practical tools and techniques to help them notice triggers, recognise core beliefs, manage emotions and change their perspective
  • A framework to build a lifelong toolkit to keep debilitating stress and anxiety at bay

Managing stress & relaxation

This workshop includes:

  • An overview of how to understand, mitigate and prevent stress – to enhance wellbeing and move from not just coping but flourishing
  • A look at the underlying science and relationship between performance and productivity
  • Actionable strategies and easy-to-implement tools for managing stress and incorporating relaxation techniques into daily life

Laughter yoga for stress relief & team bonding

This workshop includes:

  • An overview of the various health benefits of laughter for mental wellbeing and employee relations
  • Self-induced laughter exercises
  • Yogic breathing and relaxation techniques