Our story

When we met in 2018, we had both had a wake-up call about how important self-love is. Aliya had experienced burnout in the corporate world, and Talya had experienced severe health problems trying to have it all as a busy working mum.

We had both had the wake-up call and could see people all around us who were running their selves into the ground in different ways, not making time for self-love or self-care.

As a combined force in the form of a holistic wellness coach for busy people and leading parenting and lifestyle blogger, we knew we had the power to do something about this.

We wanted to provide a welcoming space for people experiencing today’s overwhelm to slow down, take a step back and focus on themselves. And so the seed of Self Love Today was sowed, which was initially planted as the very first Self Love Sunday event which has blossomed into a regular event series.

The need for people to learn tools and techniques to help them find balance in today’s modern-day overwhelm where we are all striving to do more, be more, achieve more was very clear.

We began taking our knowledge and wisdom into the corporate field, delivering practical corporate wellness workshops working with the likes of Zara and IMG, and we continue to grow this arm of Self Love Today, alongside our community events.

In the coming year, look out for other exciting developments including the launch of a dedicated self-love podcast and range of merchandise.

About Aliya Jasrai

Former GlaxoSmithKline Marketing Executive, now a Wellness & Executive Coach, Mindfulness & Nutritional Therapist and certified in CBT and NLP, Aliya helps busy people find their way back to health and self-love through her Hayya Health practice.

About Talya Stone

Former Editor in Chief, over the years Talya has research and published a wide variety of thought-led articles relating to mental and physical health, wellness, lifestyle and managing today’s overwhelm on her online parenting magazine aimed at busy mums: Motherhood: The Real Deal.