Food has a direct impact on our cognitive performance, which is why a poor decision at lunch can derail an entire afternoon.

Food helps us through endless emails, late deadlines, long meetings and the mid-afternoon energy slump. By educating and encouraging your staff on key nutrition principles at work it will help them make better food choices and ultimately feel more energised and motivated during their working day.

What we eat has everything to do with our health, and many of us are living with a severely depleted immune function. The financial effect flu season has on the nation’s businesses is significant.

Dietary choices can support staff in their productivity, boost their immunity, minimise sick days, and optimise health. Our workshops will encourage and support your employees to start making the diet and lifestyle choices that will result in creating lifelong wellness habits.

Nutrition at work

This workshop includes:

  • A complimentary healthy energizing drink
  • An energy level analysis
  • An overview of the impact and effect of low energy vs productivity
  • Practical tips on how to fuel the body correctly during the busy working week to avoid fatigue and stress and to maximize energy
  • Guidance on how to make nutritious food choices with limited time and food options (healthy meal plans) with emphasis on macronutrient guidelines
  • A look at how nutrition helps regulate mood and increase energy
  • Ways to make small, manageable and sustainable changes to diet, exercise and lifestyle to improve health and wellbeing

Strengthen your immune system

This workshop includes:

  • An overview of immunity “boosters” and “busters” – the facts and fiction.
  • How to adequately feed your immune system to boost its fighting power
  • Practical tips to boost the body’s defence system to live longer, stronger and infection free.
  • Suggestions of super immunity meals and snacks to get you back to superior health.

Overcoming sugar addiction

This workshop includes:

  • An analysis of individual sugar consumption
  • An exploration on the impact of sugar on brain chemistry and why the concept of self-control and willpower is a myth
  • Healthy ways to satisfy your sweet tooth with samples to taste
  • How to read food labels and identify all kinds of sugars – natural, artificial and “hidden” – and how they impact your health
  • Strategies to help people decrease sugar consumption, experience fewer cravings, and take control without deprivation
  • Tips, tricks and recipes for breakfasts, snacks and deserts