Mental health

35% of employees did not approach anyone for support the last time they experienced poor mental health yet a mentally healthy workplace and increased employee engagement are interdependent. It is well documented that social relationships are critical for promoting wellbeing and act as a buffer against mental ill health. By looking after your employee’s mental wellbeing – and teaching employees to keep their eyes and ears open for colleagues too – you will also be looking after employee morale and loyalty, innovation, productivity and profits.

Support collegues & build confidence

This workshop includes:

  • How to manage your own mental health
  • Spotting warning signs in your own & other’s mental health
  • Strategies to improve mental health and practical examples
  • Role play of how to reach out to a colleague, friend or loved one in distress
  • Ways to protect mental health through building resilient coping strategies

Mental health stress reliever

This workshop includes:

  • A 30 minute practical exercise to help relieve stress
  • Useful tips on how to relax
  • Strategies to manage and avoid stress

Affirmation circle

This workshop includes:

  • An energising 20 minute practical exercise
  • Self empowerment affirmations
  • Colleague appreciation affirmations
  • Confidence boosting affirmations

Digital detox

This workshop includes:

  • The effects of excessive use of technology on emotional and social wellbeing
  • An exploration of the root causes of excessive tech use
  • Practical tips on how to incorporate tech time-outs throughout the day