5 reasons to make a vision board for 2021

2020 has been a year like no other. For many, life has been merely about survival as we’ve held on tight for the ups and downs of the pandemic rollercoaster, careering from one unknown to the next, or perhaps feeling stuck and stagnant in the uncertainty of these times. Given all this, there could possibly be no better time to make a vision board. Co-founder Talya Stone makes the case for creating a vision board for 2021.


Although vision boards may sound like something straight out of Pinterest, the reality is – they really do work.

I remember a time when I was at a major crossroads in life – I had so many questions, there were so many different ways I could have gone, and I was hugely in doubt of the way forward. It was at that point that I experienced what it was to create my very first vision board, and it was like a lightbulb had gone off in my end. Quite simply put, the clarity it provides is second to none. Since that moment, I can honestly say I have never doubted the path I have taken, even though often the path was not one that was entirely planned!

After a year of curveballs, many of us have been left questioning what we really want in life, and a vision board is the perfect means to deconstruct all of that, and lay out that which your heart desires on all honesty. It is a special place to bring all your hopes, dreams, aspirations and goals in one place, through a collage of magazine cutouts, quotes, photos, keepsakes and curiosities. And that is something to cherish in a world that is currently flooded with uncertainty.

Want do you want to do, be, have, or manifest in 2021 and beyond? A vision board is your chance to outline exactly that. With that said, today we wanted to outline to you our 5 reasons to make a vision board for 2021.

A vision board helps you reflect on what you really want

We spend so much of our lives worrying about the wants and needs of others, that very little time or space is dedicated on reflecting on our own desires. When we set out to make a vision board, we immediately commit the time and space we so desperately lack to think about what we want in life. When was the last time you took the time to check in with yourself and find out what it is you really want? If you can’t remember, then committing to making a vision board is the perfect way of giving yourself permission to step away from the hamster wheel of life and not only think about but also document your heart’s desires and your life’s goals.

Vision boards help you move forward

In this year, especially, many of us have felt incredibly stuck within the confines laid down by the pandemic. We have become more constrained and less flexible than ever. Most of us feel utterly exhausted and worn down from the relentlessness of it all. We struggle to remember the joy of life, and what gets us excited. A vision board is a perfect way to reprogramme ourselves out of the negativity that has tarnished 2020, get creative and find your mojo again.

Vision boards are a daily reminder of your hopes, dreams and goals

For the best part of two years after I made it, my vision board sat on my desk reminding me of where I was headed until it became too tatty to do so! Not only was it a fantastic visual feast which I relished beholding every day, but it also was a daily reminder of where I was going, what I wanted to do, and the values I wanted to uphold in my life. You simply can not underestimate the value of seeing a visual interpretation of all these things, and the power it has for helping you stay motivated and on track.

Vision boards are pure pleasure

In a world where opportunities for fun and joy seem to have become severely diminished, a vision board is a perfect antidote to that. There is no perfection in putting together a vision board. Think of it as your playground where blue-sky thinking, inspiration and fun come together in a glorious creative amalgamation. It’s completely non-judgemental and therefore a rather beautiful, stress-free and not to mention a cathartic way of documenting your deepest desires and dreams.

Vision boards work

For sure, there will always be the skeptics that say that vision boards are a load of mumbo jumbo, but as someone who has seen the incredible benefits of making a vision board, I am happy to face any naysayers head-on. Having said that, in order for a vision board exercise to work, as with all things – you do need to be open to receiving. Not only that, but you have to use your vision board as a way to guide you and spearhead change in your life, rather than just being something pretty that sits on your desk collecting dust.

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