How to find inner peace in the midst of lockdown 2 tension

lockdown 2

We are now facing lockdown 2 and we can only imagine what you must be feeling. 
Well, we say don’t give away your personal power and don’t let fear or frustration rule in any way! You are more powerful than you can ever imagine and knowing that we are all in this together. 

We have been busy at Self Love Today to adapt our Power Hour series to be more relevant with the current situation brought on by lockdown 2. The result is our Lockdown Power Hour series and our first one kicks off on November 18th with Chloe Gold where she’ll help you fight procrastination during this second round of lockdown. 

You can check out the full agenda and purchase your tickets here. You’ll also receive extra freebies such as one to one coaching (usually priced from £70 upwards) plus a complimentary Inner Calm Mindfulness Exercise workbook.

Meanwhile below are some ways to help create your own inner peace and reset your inner game. 

Practice being still 

When you get quiet, you allow your inner voice to come forward. It’s simple, turn off the noise (all the background noise). Close your eyes. You know you have gotten there when you can hear the quiet spaces between the hum of a fan. Be willing to be still and quiet for even a few minutes. 

Let go

You have probably heard the expression, “Let go and trust the universe”. When you shift your mindset, take positive actions and let go of the results, you allow peace to enter your heart. When you know you did everything you could; it’s time to let go and let the results appear.

An example of this is when you decide you want to be healthier (mindset shift) and then you eat better and exercise more (action steps). Then don’t weigh yourself every hour. Let go. Know you are thinking about and doing the right things. Weigh yourself at a reasonable interval and/or use measurements or go by how you look and feel.

Another example is regarding politics, after you vote let go and accept what happens. If you don’t like the result, you can still advocate for change. You can write letters, make calls, donate money, increase awareness, and take positive action. You still have your personal power. You are empowered. No one or situation can take your personal power away from you.

Release anger

Anger is messy and blocks your good that is coming to you. Anger holds you back. One of the biggest ways it holds you back is when you feel you are somehow justified and have a right to be angry. When you feel this way, you hold onto it even longer and it eats away at your happiness. You can release anger through journaling, meditation, and/or prayer. You may also want to talk to an objective person about it. 

Be the energy you want

If your goal is to finish a course, ask yourself, “What would a graduate of this program be doing and thinking right now?” or if you want to grow your business, “What would a multi 7 figure business owner do in my situation right now?”  Whatever your goal is, be that energy. What do we mean by this? We’ll provide some contrast.

It’s common for people to say, I’ll take pride in what I have when I have more. The truth is that if you take care of what you have right now and respect what you have, you are being in the energy of having what you really want.  Treat your ten your old car like it is a brand new car, keep it clean and shiny. Take care of your starter home or apartment like it is your absolute dream home. If you want to charge more for your services, treat your current clients like they are million-dollar clients.

Have fun

Life is meant to be fun. Enjoy your moments. If you are only looking at some future result such as: paying off debt, losing weight, buying a house, having kids, waiting for your kids to grow up and go to college, getting the next job… (we could keep going here) you are never focused on today, the present moment. Enjoy what you are doing now. If you are not enjoying what you are doing now, could you change your attitude about it? Or what could you do to make it more fun?

No matter what is going on for you during lockdown 2, you can create an inner game reset where you switch to more empowering thoughts and actions. 
Love and Positivity,

Aliya & Talya x 

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